9 Face Shaving Tips for Women

Skin inside. Know what else? Shave. For women.

It’s time to get on board and start capitalizing on this beauty trend.

First of all, for women, there are too many benefits for you to NOT do this.

Benefits include:

♡ Remove unwanted hair (AKA vellus hair or “peach fluff”)

♡ Exfoliate dead skin cells

♡ Create the perfect base for makeup application

♡ Brighten skin

♡ Helps skin care products penetrate better into the skin

♡Reduces the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles

♡ Speed ​​up cell turnover for a fresher look


Now, when it comes to shaving your face, there is a right way. Improper shaving can lead to dryness and damage to the skin, itching, and ingrown hairs. So let’s do it the right way, mkay?

With these women’s facial shaving tips and tricks, you’ll be able to shave confidently and flawlessly – every time!

Let’s dive right in.

9 shaving tips for women

♡ Prepare your skin.

Always, always, always remember to prepare your skin. Start by cleansing your face with your favorite gentle cleanser and then pat dry. If you have trouble with sensitive skin, we recommend CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser! To read more about the best products for sensitive skin, click here.

♡ Use the HOT SHAVE Shaving & Toothpaste, Duh.

When it comes to facial shaving, quality products are a must. That’s why we only recommend THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR and THE HOT SHAVE CREAM. Not only these products especially made for women’s faces, but they WORK while looking great on your vanity. Let’s go over the benefits of both.

Why TSC HOT SHAVE RAZOR is the damn thing:

The blades are made from medical grade stainless steel

+ Head made of ABS plastic with soft – smooth silicone

+ The razor has a finger print guide for forehand & tech support.

+ Angle of the shaft makes it easy to control angle and pressure

+ Refillable blades give you eco-friendly queens

+ It’s small, light and easily fits in your pocket on the go

+ So cute! Like, really cute

Why TSC TOOLS is the perfect partner:

+ Provides improved gliding to prevent cuts and nicks while shaving

+ Moisturizes for soft and supple skin even after rinsing

Helps prevent razor burn

Allows for a closer shave for smoother skin

It’s a blend of multiple emollients & humectants to help nourish dry skin

+ It is made with all natural ingredients (Check out the complete list of ALL NATURAL ingredients, this )

Ready to invest in this women’s first shave and ice cream combo? The best part is, you don’t even have to buy the individual products. Bring them both in ASSEMBLY KIT.

Skinny's Secret Hot Shaving Cream
shaving cream for women

♡ Never shave with a dull blade

No matter which razor you choose, never shave with a dull blade. After all, who wants to use a soft razor blade that can irritate your skin?

PS: Need some SHAVE HOT REPLACEMENT BLUE? We have you covered!

When changing your HOT SHAVE blade:

+ Always make sure the blade guard is ON

+ Hold the blade with one hand, press the release button with the other

+ New blade attachment – VOILÁ

♡ Always use good technique.

For optimal results when shaving your face, make sure to follow the right technique. To shave your face, start by applying a thin layer of your favorite sunscreen or cream. face oil. Using a cream or oil can improve your overall shaving experience and provide extra moisture. Specifically THE HOT SHAVE CREAM is made with ingredients that are really good for your skin.

Now let’s get to the actual shaving part. Always make sure that your skin is stretched and that your razor is at a 45-degree angle. Then, start shaving in a short, light and gentle stroke. Be careful not to pull it into the skin and do not apply too much force.

♡ Clean your blade between and after shaving.

Use the above technique for the entire face, including the upper lip. When shaving, be sure to clean the blade at least 1-2 times to remove any residue. You should also make sure to rinse your blades after each & every shave. This will make a a lot of Smoother shave and Extend the life of your blade.

To clean your blade, get some rubbing alcohol and a cleaning pad. Wet the wipe with alcohol and wipe away dead skin, hair, dirt, etc. Or, you can always pick up some of these rubbing alcohol. Either way it works.

♡ Rehydrate & care afterwards – as always!

When you’re done shaving, wash your face thoroughly. Afterwards, cool and tighten your skin with HOT ROLLER MESS ICE. This roller is the Rolls Royce of rollers.

The benefits of using an ice roller after shaving include soothing and tightening the skin, improving lymphatic drainage, and reducing redness, swelling, and irritation. For more on the ice rolling process, be sure to read this post on How to use an ice roller.

You can also complete this step by simply taking a few ice cubes and rubbing them in small circles all over your face. Better yet, try these iced milk.

And finally, apply facial oil.

When you’re done shaving & applying ice, it’s essential to rehydrate and moisturize your face. And, I bet you already know which facial oil we are going to recommend: THE ICE QUEEN FACE OIL.

Apply a few drops of lotion to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and dab in. And as Lauryn always says, apply to your breasts. A little oil on the face on the neck never hurt anyone.

how to use ice queen lotion
Skinny Confidential Ice Queen Face Oil

♡ Repeat this process often.

Depending on your hair growth rate and personal preference, you can comfortably shave every 1-3 weeks. If you start to see any negative side effects (such as redness, bumps, dry skin, etc.), be sure to back off a bit.

♡ Don’t believe in myths!

Many women do not want to shave their face because there is a misconception about facial hair removal for women. Let’s go ahead and make this clear now – once and for all.

No – your hair will NOT grow back thicker and darker. Shaving does not affect the natural horny cells in your skin. Therefore, it will not affect the speed, color or thickness of hair growth – no matter where you shave.

Once you start shaving, you’ll be hooked.

But seriously, guys. Shaving is like the BEST beauty routine. It’s perfect because not only does it have a ton of benefits for your face instantly (like removing dead skin, creating a smooth base for makeup, etc.), but it also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles birds for the future.

Just trust us – once you see how smooth and soft your face is after shaving, you’ll never look back.

And finally – THIS IS THE LATEST SUMMERTIME STORM! And, this summer, we’re making skin care glamor and we don’t have to deal with razor bumps. Click here to learn how to avoid razor bumps and keep your bikini line smooth, silky and sexy.

x, Skinny’s Secret group

+ dealing with razor burns? It’s the worst, here’s how to stop it!

++ for more on body shaving: ARM PITS, Shave & After Shave.


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