FORME Studio Review: It Might Be Our Favorite Fitness Mirror

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with fitness devices and gadgets. Even before the pandemic, I made a habit of trying exercise equipment both at home and in the gym to see what’s really worth the hype, and I’ve learned a lot since then. Are from VR . exercises jump in Peloton fever with one Bowflex C6 . BicycleMy husband and I even built a home gym in our garage before moving into the city, but thanks to the reduction in size, we had to be a little more strategic about our space.

As you can imagine, that means I’m pretty familiar with the concept fitness mirrorso when i get a chance to try out one of the newest ones to hit the market – FORME Studio(opens in a new tab) – I completely took the opportunity.

What is FORME Studio?

As a fully customizable fitness studio, FORME is one of the coolest fitness mirrors I’ve seen to date. At 68 inches (almost six feet tall), FORME Studio is one meter taller than Mirror and 18 inches taller than Tonal, turning it into a beautiful full-body mirror that you know, looks like a full-length mirror. With the provision of white gloves, users have the option of mounting the mirror on the wall or placing it on the ground – which is what I chose – and at 102 pounds, this is certainly a heavy and well-built device. amazingly good.

At first glance, FORME Studio really looks like a beautiful, high-quality mirror. Some of my friends were shocked to learn that it’s a gym, which is definitely a win in my book. Compared to other fitness mirrors like Tonal, which has more utility, I love how the FORME really looks like an intentional part of my home decor, which is huge compared to other gym equipment (like my spinning bike). up a lot of floor space.

Users have the option to customize their FORME Studio according to their preferences. I stuck with the basic package – which includes a mirror, yoga mat, heart rate monitor, cleaning cloth and camera cover – but FORME also provides barre add-on(opens in a new tab) (includes a removable real wood barre as well as barre socks and a barre ball) and raise add-ons(opens in a new tab) with strength training equipment.

Like most home gym equipment, FORME requires a monthly membership fee of $49 per month, but this includes access to their entire library of classes with an account for you. and five others. Plus, your membership also comes with a personal fitness instructor who can answer any questions you may have and provide you with a selection of curated classes each year. week that suits your interests.

Mirror screen with suggested exercises

FORME presents personalized class recommendations.
Credit: RJ Andersen / Mashable

How does FORME Studio work?

After it is installed, FORME Studio(opens in a new tab) worked within seconds. I created an account and was quickly given access to their entire library of on-demand classes – including options like barre, yoga, pilates, strength training, boxing, and meditation – as well. like classes from Barry’s X, home training classes from Barry’s Bootcamp.

Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad leg injury right before getting FORME Studio, which meant I couldn’t take most of the classes right away. However, FORME was extremely flexible and even rescheduled the delivery of my white gloves to treat my injury and my fitness instructor recommended a selection of meditation and recovery classes. recovery allows me to use the studio without worrying about my injury.

However, when I was able to use FORME Studio, I was sold. The experience is incredibly seamless, and it’s easy to navigate the touchscreen to find whatever type of workout you’re looking for. In addition, the class library provides useful filters so you can search for class type, length, difficulty level, etc. making finding the perfect assignment super easy.

Since I was recovering from an injury, I mainly focused on low-impact classes like pilates and yoga after I was cleared by my physiotherapist. For the most part, the classes are pretty straightforward – the instructor is friendly and engaging, the classes interest me and I love that I have the option to increase the volume of the background music or keep the music low so I can hear the instructor’s voice.

There’s also a wide variety in the class library, so it’s easy to find something that matches my mood. On days when I want more of a challenge, I can find a class that is optimistic on the first try – that’s what I struggled to do. Peloton Classes – and it’s easy to find gentler, slower classes on days when I don’t feel it.

What I like about FORME Studio

Obviously, I like how FORME Studio looks. My husband and I dreamed of buying a large floor mirror for our living room, and FORME fulfilled that dream with its flawless design, classy aesthetic, and super fine. Even my husband – who was skeptical about whether FORME was “worthy” – said he was impressed with the quality and look of the studio.

Other than that, I really like FORME Studio going beyond the experience. My fitness instructor is friendly and supportive, and I love getting class recommendations from her every week.

FORME’s one-on-one personal training sessions are also a great highlight, especially in my injury rehab program. After filling out a brief questionnaire, FORME matched me with two potential instructors and allowed me to choose which one I wanted to try and the quick process to book my free demo.

From there, the actual live session went pretty well. It was easy to start my session (and slide off the camera cap) and the coach asked me a few questions before guiding me through a mobility and fitness test, as well as a workout. Quick and easy workouts that suit me and my goals. The whole session was super simple, and a few things – like how my coach was able to switch my monitor from a full screen display of her performances back to a mirror with she’s on the corner – makes me really appreciate FORME’s attention to detail.

The cost for one-on-one sessions is a bit high at $130 per hour or $70 per 30 minutes, but it’s not too bad compared to some of the premium trainers I’ve seen in my city. It may not be something I use often, but I love that I have the option to connect with a coach if I want to work on something specific.

How does FORME On-Demand Library compare to other options?

Mirror screen showing on-demand class options

FORME offers a wide range of class types.
Credit: RJ Andersen / Mashable

Compared to other membership programs, like Peloton, the on-demand class library is a bit smaller, but FORME is constantly adding new classes to their library. They have a pretty impressive range of classes available, and searching the FORME library to find something I love has become easier than when I was using Peloton.

Plus, their other wellness classes – like meditation, breathing, and even massage gun recovery classes in partnership with Hypervolt – feels a bit more intentional and impactful than similar options available on the Peloton. They even have very fun specials classes including kid-friendly family yoga, niche classes like surfer endurance training, treadmill classes, etc. I don’t feel like I’m limited to “basic” classes like yoga or pilates.

After a few weeks, I found myself preferring the teaching style of the FORME instructors to the Peloton. There’s a good degree of consistency among instructors, so while you’ve certainly experienced different teaching styles and personalities, I’ve never found myself dropping out of a class for not having an instructor vibe. … this totally happened when I got a Peloton membership.

What I don’t like about FORME Studio

While the mirror itself is incredibly well built, the sound quality from the mirror isn’t ideal – especially given the Studio’s price tag. Obviously, this is not a complete solver (and that’s my only problem with the mirror itself) as you can also use Bluetooth headphone to connect to the mirror if you want to turn it louder.

However, FORME Studio seems to have a few glitches in the software. I’ve been struggling for a few days to connect the Bluetooth heart rate monitor that comes with the Studio and I’ll have to restart the mirror to fix the problem. One day the audio didn’t work with any layers, but again, a quick reboot solved that problem.

I’m having a few other issues with Bluetooth over the next few weeks, but I’ve noticed FORME is releasing regular software updates that consistently improve my experience. For example, I notice my heart rate monitor stops working in the middle of class – especially if I’m doing something on the ground, like swimming in pilates – and there’s no option to reconnect Bluetooth without ending the class. completely. However, the next time I exercise and the heart rate monitor disconnects, it immediately reconnects without me having to do anything, so it seems like they are very quick to resolve any issues. topic arises.

Is FORME Studio worth the money to buy?

If you have money? I must say yes.

If not? It depends. In $2,495 for Studio(opens in a new tab) without any add-ons, FORME is definitely one of the most expensive fitness mirrors on the market. They offer a funding option at $52 per month, but when you add a $49 per month membership to access the on-demand classroom library, that gets pretty pricey. Obviously, this is less than a membership to a boutique studio – my favorite yoga studio is $130 per month for unlimited classes – so it really depends on what you’re doing. search.

If you want a budget option or you’re not sure if you’re “sticking” to a home fitness program, you might want to consider cheaper alternative. However, if you already know that you love working out at home – or you’re looking for a space-saving option that seems phenomenal – then I strongly recommend FORME.

While it may not be as “established” as some of its competitors, I have loved my entire experience with FORME Studio and the company itself. They have responded and supported, and – considering this is clearly a luxury item – the fact that they are so connected with their customers has created a truly personalized, highly touch-sensitive experience, It feels as luxurious as the mirror itself.


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