‘Hogwarts Legacy’ review: A massive game, alive with magic

Flying just makes the process more enjoyable. Whether on a broomstick or the back of a demon, flight in Hogwarts legacy feels exactly how I wanted it to be — smooth, fast, and stylish, and always with stunning views.

As the map expands beyond Hogwarts, through the streets of Hogsmeade and the boundaries of the Forbidden Forest, players encounter side quests, challenges, secrets, puzzles, and obstacles at a constant pace. The world is big, but purposeful and truly beautiful; it’s clearly the result of deliberate design, rather than procedural generation. There’s always something to find, a new puzzle to solve or a skill to learn, and the My Tasks tab is constantly evolving. Moreover, I really want to complete the activities that I encounter, whenever I want to mull over or take a break from the main plot.

To-do list in Hogwarts legacy feels never ending. For example, about 10 hours later, the game introduces interior design mechanics in the Room of Requirement, allowing the player to decorate a cavernous space from architectural touches, to the location and color of each individual piece. tables, chairs, paintings, rugs and underwear. It’s also a useful room; This is where the player keeps the loom to upgrade clothes, the potion table, the herb box, and the captured animals. I spent way too much time tweaking the look of my own Room of Requirement – like, hour – but I love the results and I’m extremely pleased with the process.

The main hall of Hogwarts fills the space, with students descending a double staircase, the top of which is large and lit by two bonfires on a pedestal.

Warner Bros game.

I see the potential for a surplus of goods in Hogwarts legacy getting tedious, but this hasn’t happened in my gameplay yet. More than 20 hours have passed, and the magic is still alive for me.

Before actually playing the game, I was especially excited to make potions as it was my favorite activity in Pottermore, the browser-based Hogwarts student simulator that had turned pointless in the mid-2010s. Pottermore, potion making involves reading recipes and physically manipulating ingredients at the right times, and I find the process incredibly peaceful. However, drug making is not too complicated a problem in Hogwarts legacy. You just need to take the ingredients and then leave them on the table for a while, just like growing plants. The mechanics are just right for the game — in a big and busy world like this, gathering ingredients is a challenge, not the minutiae of cutting, stirring, grinding, measuring and timing — which is a missed opportunity.

Even just writing that, I would love to spend some quality time at the poison bench doing all of this. Maybe this will make for a solid piece of DLC, Advanced Potion-Making? Just a thought, Avalanche.

Yes, back to the actual game.

Two students in their Hogwarts uniforms mix up potions as blue smoke rises from the cauldron.

Warner Bros game.

The main plot in Hogwarts legacy are general fictitious backgrounds. Two main arcs clash: one pits the player against elven revolutionaries planning to destroy the witches, and the other is an extensive investigation into an ancient and powerful kind of magic. powerful — the same magic that you, the protagonist, can uniquely use. The second arc will be extremely familiar to Harry Potter fans, as it involves a bunch of farting old people that repeatedly throw a child into deadly situations while withholding important information and stroking. their long white beards. I guess we know where Dumbledore got it from.

Personally, I don’t like to focus on Goblin Rebellion. It works as a basic fantasy premise, but it’s an obvious choice for a Harry Potter prequel, and the game has yet to prove that it’s a particularly thoughtful decision. To date, the pretentious conception is that “goblins are bad, witches are good,” and there has not been a complex discussion of class, power, and revolution within this framework, despite the opportunities This is very popular. Regardless of how this plot ends, I would appreciate a more nuanced approach or an original enemy.

There are valid questions about whether the depiction of elves in Harry Potter is inherently anti-Semitic or the result of centuries of European fiction encoding vampires, dwarves, and other creatures with themes. anti-Semitic meanings of the authors. What you need to know are elves in Hogwarts legacy not much different from the novel, so your opinion on the matter is unlikely to change with this presentation.

A large hole in one side of the castle wall revealed lush, overgrown foliage and two colorful birds, and two Hogwarts students looked out in amazement.

Warner Bros game.

The conversation around elves and anti-Semitism is likely to be at the forefront of reviews and tweets about the game, but the author of the Harry Potter novels has publicly known that she’s the one with the disease. agoraphobia, and this easily dominated the discourse. It led some to call for a boycott Hogwarts legacyand a portion of these people are rebuking anyone who reviews, streams, or talks about playing it. This controversy has consumed any broader criticism of the game itself. I mentioned my personal decision to rate this game for Engadget in an editorial earlier in the week, available to read. This.

For anyone worried about encountering anaerobic or obstinate content in Hogwarts legacy: The author of the Harry Potter novels was not involved in the writing or creation of the game, and in fact its world is more inclusive than the series ever has been. The most important is Hogwarts legacy The character generator allows for a wide range of gender, voice and appearance profiles, and allows players to choose their own name. In fanfiction terms, it’s basically a Mary Sue machine. This is ideal for an interactive role-playing vehicle — customization options allow players to project their own identity onto the protagonist, an extremely special, super-powered student wizard surrounded by users of basic magic. It’s a familiar premise for fantasy RPG players.

What makes This game stands out among open world RPGs for its density of action, mystery and awe-inspiring moments as well as its expertly tuned combat mechanics. Hogwarts legacy is rocking with magic, and it expands not only the landscape surrounding Hogwarts, but also the boundaries of representation in a wildly popular fantasy universe. This is the best Harry Potter fiction I’ve seen in years and I’m excited to keep playing. Especially if there’s the enhanced potion crafting DLC.

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