‘House of the Dragon’: All ‘Fire and Blood’ Easter Eggs from Episode 9

King Viserys (Paddy Considine) had to die like this Dragon’s House may live, and a host of others will also have to die Dragon’s House may live a few more. At some point, maybe Dragon’s House should not live? However, try to look beyond it. Come on come on! We will wait!

Okay, no, stop, turn around! You can’t leave yet, at least not until we’ve talked about all the major ways this week Dragon’s House, “Green Council”, interacted with George RR Martin‘S Fire and bloodhistory book in the fictional universe on which Game of Thrones The prequel is based on! Would you consider coming back if I told you that there are some major differences between the show and the book this time around — some of which are, dare I say, quite controversial from the point of view of this reader. ?

Edema. Great. Welcome home. Let’s roll up our sleeves and sort through the ruins of the proverbial Dragonpit, because when it comes to the hasty coronation of King Aegon Targaryen II of House Hightower (Tom Glynn-Carney), there’s a lot of clutter to unpack.

King of the Dead

In Fire and blooda son Dragon’s House, the Hightowers quickly banded together to hide the death of King Viserys. However, unlike the book, the lid opens in a relatively short order. The Fire and blood version of events shows the Hightowers so fiercely protective of controlling the narrative surrounding Viserys that they let his body rot in his bedroom for days and days, rather than letting anyone else’s to dispose of the body and potentially spread news of his death. There is a world where Dragon’s House put Paddy Considine through his most arduous physical performance yet, in which his increasingly ailing Viserys would lie in a state of decay. Neither he nor we as a spectator could ignore that gruesome image, mercifully enough.

False prophecy

Another big deviation from Fire and Blood: Alicent’s (Olivia Cooke) the motivation behind installing Aegon as king. Viserys’s revealing scene program of the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy is why Alicent fervently believes he wants his son to take over the Iron Throne, a tragic misunderstanding of his actual desires. King. But the Targaryen family’s secret prophecy of Ice and Fire that spanned generations is entirely new compared to the greater ones. Game of Thrones franchise, so no such reason is given for Alicent’s motives in the book. Fire and blood simply because she and her allies believed that the throne belonged to Aegon by right, the prophecy was cursed.

First Blood

Both the book and the show follow Viserys’ death with the same next victim: Lyman Beesbury, Master of Coin, by Bill Paterson. When Alicent and Otto (Rhys Ifans) assembled a small council to discuss the question of succession, with only Beesbury protesting the act of treason. All those who report conflict about Fire and blood agree on what happens next: Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) kills Beesbury, making him the first drop of blood in the Dance of the Dragons. With that said, those narrators disagree on how Criston killed Beesbury. One version claims Criston slit Beesbury’s throat, while another claims he threw the man out a window and onto a stake. The show goes with a more brute force approach, as Criston bangs Beesbury’s head against the small board table, his second crushed skull in the series.

Second Blood

Beesbury was the first to die at the Ball, but the next blood was shed from the living. In Fire and bloodLarrys Strong (Matthew Needham) are not simply some ambitious power players vying for the hearts of the Hightowers, let alone other body parts. (It should be noted that Larys’ fetishism is news to me.) Instead, he has been a member of the small council as the master of whispers. To strengthen solidarity among his co-conspirators, he proposed that they all make a blood pact “to bind us all together, brothers to death.” All in the room swore allegiance to each other, pulling daggers in their palms and mixing their blood together. It’s an evocative moment from the book, and a surprising omission on the show’s part.

Knight Rogue

On the other hand, there is a surprising inclusion in the small assembly scene: Graham McTavish as Harrold Westerling, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Talking more about this point could constitute a great trophy in the eyes of some people Dragon’s House viewers, so proceed with caution when moving on to the next sentence. Still here? One more sentence so you can decide if you want to stay or go? Hopefully that’s enough, because here we begin: Harrold Westerling isn’t in the little council scene in the book, because he’s long dead by the time Dance of the Dragons begins. Harrold’s withdrawal from the Kingsguard was only surpassed by the shock price of his continued survival on the Dragon’s House. Just like the dead Laenor Velaryon is presumed dead (John Macmillan), Harrold is now a major wildcard in the story, potentially making a big impact on upcoming conflicts—unless he’s quickly dispatched on his way out of King’s Landing next week. . Anything is possible.

The Cargyll Brothers

Two other knights in the spotlight this week Dragon’s House: twins Erryk and Arryk Cargyll, played by real-life twins Elliott and Luke Tittensor. In the show, two members of the Kingsguard are tasked with finding Aegon before Criston and Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) go see him first. There is no such hunt in the books, as the Cargyll brothers were actually in different regions when the Dance began. Arryk remained at King’s Landing, firmly attached to the greens, while Erryk lived on Dragonstone serving Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) when news of her father’s passing appeared on pike. The show highlights Erryk and Arryk’s views regarding Hightower’s coup by placing both at its center, with Erryk making moves to get away with betrayal. It’s a smart choice to distinguish that now, considering the direction the story will take the twins forward.

Reluctant King

Speaking on Aegon, the book and show disagree about the king’s whereabouts leading up to his coronation, even if they strongly agree about his corrupt nature. Both the book and the show showcase a scene in what Fire and blood called “a Bottom Flea Pits, where two fleas with sharp teeth are biting and tearing each other.” The book goes even further with Aegon’s involvement here, though the show certainly showcases the new king’s unsettling interests. In both cases, Aegon reluctantly accepted the crown, only accepting it in the books when he believed that the diminished power would lead to the death of his family at the hands of Rhaenyra. In Dragon’s Housethere’s no need to make such a case, as the series is clearly removing Aegon from any redeemable qualities.

The Queen was never there

“The Green Council” culminates in Aegon’s coronation, with Rhaenys Targaryen riding a dragon (The best New Year’s Eve) mess up the event in fiery fashion. In fact, she kept the fire under control, choosing not to incinerate Alicent and her entire family, despite every reason to want them dead, and the possibility of that happening. This choice in itself isn’t a huge difference in terms of books; In fact, Rhaenys didn’t kill Alicent and the rest with dragon fire in the middle of Aegon’s big day. That’s because she never got the chance. In Fire and blood, Rhaenys is nowhere near Aegon’s coronation, happily (well, maybe not happy) living on the Driftmark as the Dance of the Dragons begins. The coronation actually took place without a hitch according to the book’s version of events. But this is the last episode of a Game of Thrones shows we’re talking here, guys. It wouldn’t be an Episode 9 without some giant moments, and it’s hard to get much bigger than a ferocious dragon showing up where you least expect it.

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