Is it a sport? Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson, NFL QBs Cause Season Drama

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When you think of sports, you probably think of a game played on the field or on the field. You think of athletes and coaches, season tickets and hot dogs, the excitement of winning and the heartbreak of loss. You picture the uniforms, the pomelos, the giant foam hands and the stadiums filled with screaming crowds.

All of these, obviously, are correct. But I argue those are sports more specific to *a*. Sport – as a singular concept – is a much broader category. Sports are a vibe. One energy. You know Capital-s Sports when you see it, even if you don’t immediately recognize it.

If you have been following me for a while, you know the concept of Sports as a way of life is not a new topic around these parts. Five years ago (how is that possible?), I wrote a clear analysis of what constitutes Sport. I argue that for something to be a Sport, the answer must be “yes” to at least four of the following six questions:

1. Is it competitive?
2. Does it require a significant amount of physical exertion?
3. Can you write about it on a sports website without people asking why you are writing about it on a sports website?
4. Can you choose the side?
5. Are most people entertained by watching it?
6. Would you do it for fun?

However, there is a special provision called Rule #7, which states that I am allowed to override the criteria and ask a simple question: “Is it like Sports?”

Let me give you an example: chicken wings. Chicken wings are Sports.

As I wrote at the time: “Of course, wings are sport. Wings are sport in the same way that dogs are good. Wings are sport that would taste if you could eat them. . tears of losers. Wings are the trophy of the culinary world.”

Since 2017, I have started and started to become a Sports Referee, a title that I have given myself. I retired a bit a few years ago, but I’m bringing it back now because I think our world needs a little more senseless fun, and I want to do my part to pass it on. into some people.

Here’s a very roundabout way of saying it: Welcome to my new column, “Is it Sports?”

We’ll start it off with a topic close and dear to my heart: last season’s midfield drama. The NFL season is less than two months away, an amazing fact since I’m pretty sure 2022 is *just* starting but it’s also thrilling because on Sundays sitting on the couch for eight hours will be accepted by society again.

We haven’t seen our brave heroes during this time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t busy. The sports movie gods gave us plenty of material before players reported to camp, so I took it myself to round up the best stories and decided to watch the adventure off the field. The grass of NFL players is – or not – Sports.

Please join me.

To be Aaron Rodgers‘new tattoo Sports?

The agent of the NFL’s chaos has had a busy summer. He was dating actress Shailene Woodley – a woman whose name I can now spell without looking up – but they broke up in May. They had a brief “won’t, won’t” period, but that seemed to be over as there was a new woman in Rodgers’ life. Blu of Earth is a podcaster/shaman (??) denied being a witch.

Personally, I would never deny being a witch if someone accused me of it publicly, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, Rodgers recently got a tattoo on his arm Balazs Bercsenyi, is the same guy who tattooed on Blu’s arm a few years ago. I listened to a Blu podcast recorded in October 2019 (the stuff I do for the press!), in which she said she’d wanted a tattoo of this artist for months but was afraid that if she has a tattoo, her mother won’t love her. anymore.

In the end, Blu overcame his fear and rose up. And a week ago, Rodgers revealed that so is he.

Rodgers says he’s going to tell the story behind the tattoo someday, and that needs to happen sooner rather than later because until he does, the only thing I can do in Packers The game is wonder what it all stands for.

So is this tattoo a Sport? By my own criteria, no: It doesn’t involve competition, nor does it require a lot of physical exertion (exertion and pain are not the same). I could write about it on a sports website without a lot of people asking me why, but I can’t choose sides. It’s entertaining, but I don’t think anyone should do this for fun.

But what about rule number 7? Is it like Sports?

No, it’s like the Illuminati and astrology. Both are fine, but neither is Sports.

Ruling: Not a sport

To be Patrick Mahomes‘summer sports?

As a palate cleanser for the above words, Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Matthews, recently announced that they having a second child.

Mahomes also saved Josh Allenlife on the golf course.

Ruling: Baby = not Sports. Catching an inch of football from Josh Allen’s face = Sports.

To be brave catSports new movie?

Now you know that the biological, ageless man retired and then was uninterested and is now raging for his 21st season in the NFL. However, he is also very busy peddler his new line of underwear and film a feature called “80 for Brady“starring the GOAT quartet of famous actresses Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin.

The movie is set in 2017 so Brady was before Patriots teammates Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola all reunited in New England uniform for a shoot.

Me – a Patriots fan facing the reality of failing head coaches Matt Patricia and Joe Judge are in charge Mac Jones‘development – handle it OK? Sorry, I can’t answer that because I was too busy following Super Bowl 28-3 highlights.

Oh, and is that a Sport? Right. I don’t care about the criteria. I’m invoking rule number 7. It’s like Sports, so it’s Sports.

Ruling: Sports

To be Zach Wilsonwild love of sports life?

This is the story you’ve all been waiting for. The amount of baseless rumors going on is pretty unbelievable, but it has taken the sports world by storm, so I’ll give you a rundown of the allegations.

On July 9, former BYU teammate Dax Milne – who now plays for Washington commanders – posted two photos on Instagram with a naked woman on the beach. Everyone on the internet decided this was Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile. Gile and Wilson are said to have begun their separation in January, and there’s been quite a bit of buzz online about Wilson’s former teammate now meeting Wilson’s ex-girlfriend.

Then Gile — a New Jersey influencer, the sexiest job title I’ve ever heard of — confirms a relationship with Milne and drops a bombshell. In a now-deleted comment on Milne’s post, she wrote that Wilson was having an adult relationship with his mother’s best friend.

Gile has completely deleted his Instagram profile (a life goal of mine).

Wilson, for his part, said nothing until this week, when he posted a photo of him and some of his teammates on Instagram with the caption, “Bring boyz to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camping! Poor cell service… what do I miss?”

I wanted to know if Wilson hired a PR firm to come up with that caption or he came up with his own. Because if it was the latter, my respect for him would skyrocket.

Wilson’s mother also had a real picnic with her son in the New York tabloids. On Instagram, her handle is @liveseaccording2lisa (awesome), she posts lengthy stories that don’t make much sense but prove to be priceless memes.

Lisa also recently videoed her friends exercising and visiting her at home, calling them sexy…

… And then hinted that her son had not been intimate with them.

Here’s a woman preaching the dangers of the Internet on her social media platforms. As they say, the call can come from inside the house.

But the best and most football-related aspect of this whole rumor mill is Jet plane Fans seem to be delighted that their team is gaining public attention for reasons other than lousy football. Evidence? Since the kerfuffle, Wilson has received more futures bets on the tournament’s MVP than any other defender.

Ruling: I don’t know why you even have to ask. This is Sports.

Is the end of Baker MayfieldProgressive Advertising of Sports?

Yes, Mayfield has finally escaped Cleveland and now fighting with the old jet Sam Darnold for work started on Panthers.

But the more important news when it comes to Mayfield is that he no longer plans to appear in Progressive Insurance commercials, in which he pretends to live at the Browns’ stadium.

I also said the company refused to shoot a movie in which he “moved out”.

I think it’s hard to sell the idea of ​​protecting your home when the foundation is significantly shaken and you’re being evicted.

Ruling: Not Sports (rule of 7 is used).

To be Russell WilsonSports family photo?

Rodgers may be the king of chaos, but Broncos‘The new winger is the king of benign chaos. Because on a random Tuesday he’ll drop pictures like this.

Ruling: Not not Sports, but not Sports. The verdict is not out yet.

To be Lamar JacksonBeef with Bernard Pollard Jr. Sports?

The Ravens‘the quarterback recently had a fight with the safety of Baltimore before.

It’s pretty easy to understand, so just read these exchanges.

“BERNARD” in all caps completely sent to me.

Ruling: 1000% sport

To be Kirk Cousins’ shake hands with Andy Murray Sports?

You didn’t expect to see Cousins ​​here, did you? Well, NFL resident Big Dad Energy played tennis during the season and told the tennis star, “I admire your guts,” when the two of you recently shook hands.

For some reason, I find that thoroughly enjoyable.

And this is just as juicy as with Cousins. Like the time he said he liked listen to Creed in the dressing room.

Ruling: sport but with a lowercase S

Thank you for reading! Please get in touch if you want to know if something is Sports. You know where to find me. I Online.

(Internet is not Sports).

Charlotte Wilder is the general columnist and presenter of “People’s Sports Podcast“for FOX Sports. She is honored to represent the Boston area that is often overlooked in the sports media, loves to talk to sports fans about their feelings and is happiest. while eating hotdogs in the ballpark or nachos in the stadium.Follow her on Twitter @TheWilderThings.

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