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It’s neither normal nor a sign of a healthy society, but it’s the only option left to reduce mass shooting victims.

The number of school shootings in the United States this year has either broken last year’s record or is happening at a steady pace, depending on how you count. Strict Education Week metrics (only shootings that occur on school grounds or on a school bus during school hours or during a school-sponsored event and result in at least one injury or death) gun deaths) gives a figure of 40 shootings, with 34 deaths at the end of October this year, compared with 35 in 2021.

Do American educators need to carry guns to prevent a truly national epidemic? And what does such a proposal say about the state of national morale?

After the Colorado Springs gay club shooting, which left five patrons dead and 19 wounded by gunfire, once again, limited American attention turned to the question of how to protect guard 330 million won people in a country with more guns than souls. Due to the vulnerability of students, protecting schools from mass shootings (according to the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting is one in which at least four people are killed or injured) has taken over. central point in this great debate.

When discussing mass shootings in the US, the issue boils down to a simple question of more versus less. Does America need to return to the Wild, Wild West to cure the bloodshed or is the answer less guns and lax laws? Given that the second approach has been tried to no avail, I would argue in favor of allowing – even requiring – teachers to carry guns to save their students’ lives.

The rationale here is brutally simple, uncanny, and like the one applied to the principle of mutual assured destruction (MAD) that has kept the peace for 70 years between the United States and Soviet Russia. wrote, until George W. Bush withdrew his troops from America early. : Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t think to pull a gun out of a holster if he knew that doing so would ensure his own instant death.

The intelligent reader will now answer that serial killers do not tend to possess half a brain, but in fact much less, and this thus leaves us with a false analogy. . While I will stick to that argument, it doesn’t change much of the approximation here. While a mass shooter wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger despite the threat to his own life, he might think twice knowing that there’s an armed teacher in his class who can stop him. Cause as much mayhem as you can and get out of the house. a spoiled flame of glory. The most important point is that his intended victim will still possess the means (time and space) to save his life and the lives of others. And that can prevent the killer from what he is most aiming for, which is the eternal notoriety on social media for his evil deeds. Watch the video below by Columbia College Chicago to get a great idea of ​​that idea.

For now, however, that’s not the way things are in the United States of Fury, where psychopaths are free to roam the heavily armed corridors without fear of reprisal. . That kind of crazy exemption must end with the simplest of all the methods the Bible alludes to with the ‘eye for an eye’ passage: Arming American teachers as if they were mercenary in the French Foreign Legion.

The main arguments against this have to do with trust between students and teachers (especially relevant to schools where the majority of students are low-income or people of color), creating an atmosphere scares and generally makes students uncomfortable. A public school teacher walking into class looking like Clint Eastwood from ‘Pale Rider’ is not a good thing. But what looks worse, a teacher who looks like a mean cowboy or a classroom that looks like an epic 15-minute gunfight from ‘Scarface’? And what’s worse, a distrustful student or a dead person?

A community college professor was quote by the New York Times saying that “[G]uns has no place in any class. What the hell does that have to do with the learning environment, when the kids know their teacher is capable of killing them?”

Teachers, one of the most trustworthy and righteous individuals in our declining Western societies (unless we’re talking about California, where we’re not), hardly ever. now the predator in the classroom. Indeed, he/she/they are usually the hunted, not the hunter. In fact, the absolute majority of school shooters – as was the case in Columbine, Sandy Hook and Uvalde – are students or alumni.

Let’s pause for a moment and imagine what a school shooting would be like if a teacher was locked and loaded ready to fire. Assuming that the attacker will enter through the front door, as is often the case, the first victim will be the dozing security guard, regardless of whether he is armed or not. At this point, most of the school will hear that first gunshot, and after the perfunctory screams, they’ll fence themselves into locked rooms (that is, assuming there’s a lock). While jumping to relative safety from first- and second-floor windows may be an option for some, it leaves those on higher floors with no chance of escape other than prayer. Unless, that is, Mr. Harris, the math teacher on the campus is no doubt armed and very dangerous. In fact, if at least one of these teachers is known to be short-tempered, it’s highly likely that the killer wouldn’t have counted on tempting fate with a shootout in the first place. This applies to any other ‘soft target’ locales, like restaurants, theatres, shopping malls and drag queen shows.

As the war master Sun Tzu probably knew, an armed teacher provided a much-needed second line of defense in the event of a mass shooting that, despite their frequency, always happens completely by surprise. In fact, in the majority of cases, teachers will represent the first and last line of defense against any shooter as most schools, to this day, do not use protection. armed.

This is how a retired teacher from Florida explain Grim options are now available to (unarmed) teachers, which are not exactly: “School has become an easy target for disgruntled youths. It is not acceptable. First and foremost, teachers can count on funding for real security personnel and security forces to support them. But police may arrive too late or wait outside, as happened in Uvalde, Texas. Our schools have become battlefields and teachers need to make choices to fight back and save the lives of their students and themselves.”

However, hiding behind this bravery is the very sad fact that America has come to this point from the very beginning. Opponents of arming teachers argue that mass shootings should be prevented through a concerted effort by politicians, social services, therapists, law enforcement and many others who work with disgruntled students and other potential perpetrators. These efforts are much needed, but given the current situation, this is more of a long-term project than an instant solution to a problem that needed to be solved yesterday. How many times have we heard that a school shooter displayed dangerous red flags that were never tracked?

This brings us to an America where school teachers have to spend their spare time at the shooting range blowing up clay bunnies instead of preparing lessons and checking homework. In the end, all of America suffers the consequences. It’s not normal by any means. But is there really any other choice? I personally don’t think so.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author only and do not necessarily represent RT.


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