Marvel can learn from anywhere, anytime for the MCU

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Sometimes a title says it all.

The latest entry in our ongoing list of best movies of 2022, Anything Anywhere Anytime is a delicious mixed pot of hot pot with many genres, from romantic comedy to generational drama. It begins with a relatively simple plot: Can a mother and daughter learn to appreciate their conflicting worldview? But instead of taking the most direct route from point A to point B, Everything The Daniels directors scribble their way across the map, extending humanity’s journey across the universe more and more relatable than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instead of a superhero, we follow a laundromat owner midway through an IRS audit. Instead of the multiverse of madness, we get the multiverse of sadness (sorry, we can’t help ourselves) when a mother tries to get rid of what she perceives as nihilism. of her daughter. Instead of an action movie devoid of sex and romance, we have a fight scene in which the men draw their strength from impromptu ass kicks and a story of deep strength. color of love.

This is Tasha Robinson on what makes this the multiverse masterpiece of our time:

“Even among the many possibilities of the multiverse, we are unlikely to see a movie like this again. But at the same time, it means every moment of Everything is everywhere is an interesting mystery. There’s no telling where a Daniels project will go at any given time: onto a character’s ass, or into their wildest dreams. Sometimes both at the same time”.

It’s always been fun to stay up to date with the MCU, like watching an athlete juggle adding more and more balls to her performance until it seems impossible, so a lot of things are possible. can be kept from falling to the ground. But for all the attention the MCU creators are giving the story, they seem to care less and less about why they’re telling the stories told. What do they have to say other than the occasional wink at real-world problems? Anything Anywhere Anytime could be accused of trying to talk too much. But honestly, we’ll put that over the workaround.

If you feel comfortable going to the theater, the movie has our full recommendation. And if you don’t feel comfortable walking into the nearest movie theater, that’s okay too. We curated our five favorite movies starring Everything is everywhere star Duong Tu Quynh. All of them are available on streaming services from the comfort of your home!

One final note: Whether you watch it or not Anything Anywhere Anytime, You should read our interview with the legendary and prolific James Hong, who once again delivers an unforgettable performance in the film. At 93, Hong is still doing some of his best work.

This week on YouTube | BioShock InfiniteBread Boy’s Bread Boy went viral on Twitter in February, so we asked developer Gwen Frey to consider exactly how she made this king of bread crumbs. The reason Bread Boy exists in the Burial at Sea DLC points to the strange, specific problems that developers have to overcome on a daily basis. Gwen is currently working hard on a satirical puzzle game called Lab Mousewith her own studio. ”

Four stories to read

A giant walks through a town in Attack on Titan

Image: MAPPA

Attack on Titan showed the industry how big anime is | After the “surprise” announcement of another extension to the “Final” Section, it felt like Attack the giant may never end. Perhaps that would have been for the better, since the show has become the embodiment of so much of the anime industry, for better and for worse.

Nickelodeon created a blueprint for the fandom in the early 2000s | Before social media consumed our lives, The N’s community site connected a generation of teenagers deeply online.

You have to see the Wonder Woman book to believe it | They have hidden pictures in the pictures!

Elden Ring is my new favorite Alice in Wonderland movie adaptation | We have collected many moments in Elden Ring consistent with the text of Lewis Carroll’s iconic story. Eat your heart out, American McGee.

Three things to see

Image: Paramount Pictures

Sonic 2 in theaters | It’s better than the first Sonic movie. What story will you remember a week from now? Sure is not.

Ambulance in the cinema | You may have heard Michael Bay say less than favorite things about some of the CGI in this movie. Good, We talked to the director and he made it clear what he meant. “We did very little CGI for this movie,” says Bay. “There were some really good ones and then there were a few pictures where I was like, ‘I wish I had more time,’ whatever. There are some very good jobs [in this movie]. I’ve always had really good CGI. […] But yeah, there’s a lot of real explosions, real car crashes, real stuff. “Honestly, that last sentence is all we really need from most of the Bay movies.

19 Great Comedies You Can Stream Right Now | We promise you’ll find something new and amazing on this list, including overlooked gems like Tampopo along with bending genres like Army of Darkness.

Plus, everything new to streaming!

Three games to play

Kids talking nonsense in front of a high school in Perfect Tides

Image: Three bees

Perfect Tide | Polygon Proposal | Millennials are finally old enough to write autobiographical video games of an expressive teen’s life in the early ’00s. Here’s your chance to experience (or re-experience) the magic. and was horrified to log into AOL Instant Messenger on a dial-up modem. Created by Meredith Gran (creator of online comics Octopus cake) and her Three Bees studio, Perfect Tide warm heart like it’s gutted. Available on Windows PCs and MacOS.

Norco (again!) | Okay, we’ve had enough time to finish this amazing point-and-click adventure and now we can’t stop talking about it. We added it to the list the best games of 2022. We could fill the newsletter with things we like about the game, but for now, let’s focus on two great details. The first day, Norcomind mapping machinist is a fantastic narrative engine that makes this brilliant sci-fi adventure relatively easy to follow. And second, Norco understand that Smartphones can hurt us as much as they help. Available on Windows PC and MacOS.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga | Unfortunately, we didn’t receive the review code until the game’s release date. Reviewers got access to the new Star Wars game ahead of time generally positive. You can also read our report on studio trouble with widespread crisis. Available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5Windows PC, Xbox oneand Xbox Series X.

Free game of the week

A knight fights with a giant eyeball in a dungeon in this screenshot from Rogue Legacy

Tunnel door game

Fraudulent legacy | Rogue Legacy 2 will exit Early Access and get full release later this month. Now is a good time to catch up on the original. Studio Cellar Door Games updated Fraudulent legacy quite a few since its release, so the 2013 spoof still feels fresh in 2022. Available for free on Epic Games Store from April 7 to April 14.

The best of the rest

Collage image with Morbius, Ghost Rider, Darkman and Blade.

Graphics: Pete Volk / Polygon

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