My GTA Online RP spoofing scheme is growing rapidly and I won’t stop

I recently decided to boost my creativity and take on a new and exciting hobby: I participated in the slow escalation of increasingly sophisticated cheating in a game. electronic to deliberately deceive and mock the police impersonators in the game. While some people spent their evenings playing battle royale and fighting Margit the Fell Omen, I ran a complex rental paperwork scheme in GTA Online play as a character. It started small, with a few silly handshakes, but it escalated into a great (literally) confidence-building exercise. Now, I’m building a scam empire.

I set up my plan in one GTA Online role-playing server called New Day; It focuses on grounded, realistic role-playing. I’ve been building my characters’ stories on the server for about 10 months; I also volunteer as a staff member and help with administrative and reporting tasks. Every cop on the server is a real player, pulling people over to stop cars and investigate murder mysteries. While my protagonist, Becks Lawson, tries to uphold the interests of the law as a state representative, my second character, Jessica Butler, does not allow fuck. And to stay one step ahead of the police, she created a fictitious rental business and related paperwork.

GTA Online role-playing game - a shabby car rental paperwork.  It reads: “I, Shady Dan (C), retain title to this vehicle and have simply leased it to this individual.  I claim as Shady Dan (C) (it's a stage name for my car rental business so I'm copyrighted) that I'm just renting this car and I don't even know the driver. .  This is legal and binding in court, so the person can continue driving if they are stopped by the police.

Butler is a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen who is on the hunt for a cryptid that has angered many members of the force. As the Butler, I don’t plan to let things like “jail time” or “increasingly serious investigation” stop me. And so, to disappoint everyone, I invented a character for Butler to use in her scheme: “Shady Dan” who supplies used cars full of mystery and damage. textures, and even baked goods. Do not believe me? He even has a web presence. It fooled Detective Josh Robertson, who was on the case, into allowing me to walk away with my contraband.

On the New Day server, players can earn through a universal basic income, or get a job from a civilian business. Some people sell coffee at charming cafes or run a taxi company. Criminal activity, like selling drugs or robbing a store, creates a form of currency known as a band. These bracelets are a mix of fake and real money, so they must be “washed” before they can be used safely. Band cleaning involves driving around town in a series of vehicles provided by NPC contacts, exchanging fake currency for real money. It’s not a completely accurate depiction of real-life money laundering, but that’s okay – the point is to set up a crime economy.

Butler has become the biggest money launderer on the server and the main henchman of the criminal economy. She looks the other way while she funds major criminal gangs and cooperative organizations, all from the comfort of her own car. But at this point, she moves so much volume that Shady Dan’s plan becomes necessary to stop a major Crime Division from attacking Butler and all the havoc she’s causing the state. .

GTA Online role-playing game - a woman in a green polo shirt stands next to a red car in a no-parking area, flipping the camera.

I will NEVER stop my bullshit
Image: Rockstar game over Polygon

So far, the paperwork and web presence seem to have fooled the law – enough of it, anyway. Yes, the police had a few questions, but they all asked, “Why are you renting a car from a man named Shady Dan?” and “Why does Shady Dan have a picture of himself on his rental papers?”

At one point, a cop glanced at my paperwork, and then said, “You know, that’s funny. Papers say this is a ‘Sultan’, but it is actually a ‘Bravado’. “

“And somehow an extra letter appeared in the license plate on the form,” said his partner.

“That To be funny,” I agreed. “Well, you know how Shady Dan is. He’s probably… engrossed in a good book, or perhaps enjoying a TV show.” Then the officers let me go.

A page from the Shady Dan website about the Safety and Legal qualifiers, including the pig-to-bbq pipeline, the dancing bacon gif, and the passage “My competitors are inundated with taxes, fees and taxes.  It was a simple error and this is how I solved it.  I don't pay them!!!  ”

This is just a part of beautiful

Maybe the police suspect something, but they can’t prove anything. This article wouldn’t even be taken as proof, because that would be superscript. If they want to stop Butler, they’ll have to take her to court for fraud.

Some cops are at the point where they see Butler getting behind the wheel and they simply walk away. A server streamer who plays a soldier named Ignazzio Dinozzopulled Butler over for the tenth time, and as soon as he saw it was me, he groaned, “God damn it. ”

I didn’t even have to pull out paperwork to trick him, and that’s a good thing, since I have about $10,000 in illegal currency in my car. At this point, I’m wearing hundreds of fake bandages at any given time.

Go on, pull me back. I WANT you to do so so I can continue telling the story of Shady Dan and his rental cars.

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