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Pokemon UniteHer newest character is Fairy Pokémon Clefable. This guide will allow you to make this Generation 1 Fairy Pokémon a special member of the party. Clefable is classified as a support Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so your priority will be to heal allies, disrupt enemy Pokémon, and help allies defend their targets. Here’s everything you need to know about Clefables, including how to unlock them, how to best use them, and more.

How to Unlock Clefable in Pokemon Unite

Clefable can be purchased with 575 Aeos Gems or 12,000 Aeos Coins from the in-game shop. Clefable is currently one of the best Pokémon to have on a team. The ability to heal multiple allies at once in large numbers using Moonlight allows Clefable to become a stronger healer than Blissey, Eldegoss and Mr. Mime with their limited healing powers. Clefable is not a battle-type Pokémon but creates the ability for allies to bear battles with its great support.

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The best Clefable move set

Clefable is an outstanding choice to start learning the Supporter role if you haven’t played another Pokémon in the role.

A glance at Clefable’s stats, they are an incredible Support due to their extremely high support ability while also being slightly biased towards endurance. When using Clefable, you will mainly heal your teammates and keep them alive. Survival is a top priority so as not to fall behind in experience or miss early development opportunities.

As Clefable, you’ll need to be near a ranged Attacker with limited movement options like Decidueye, alongside an all-powerful like Tsareena to continuously heal while Tsareena rushes into or out of combat or a Defenders like Mamoswine to track on disruptive moves like Icicle Crash.

Running in with a Ranged Attacker will cause you to lower your opponent’s HP or even knock out the opponent’s Pokémon. An All-Arounder will need to continuously deal damage at close range, so the ability to heal both you and your party will allow these protracted skirmishes to be won. Keeping your Guardian alive will help them take extra damage from your more fragile teammates.

You’ll want to be with your allies at all times to secure goals and provide healing for the team. Compared to a Supporter like Mr. Mime, Clefable will not take down enemy Pokémon on their own. You’ll need to give your allies a chance for them to take down enemy Pokémon by assisting them.

Clefable will need to be aware from the start of the match until its base HP is increased through leveling up and until it has learned all of its moves. Clefable’s enhanced attack deals extra damage and is available at a rate every three basic attacks. Clefable’s ability–Magic Guard–activates when Clefable heals an allied Pokémon. Magic Guard rewards Clefable with a shield, and the strength of the shield is equal to the HP allotted.

At the start of the match, you will need to choose either Heal Pulse or Disarming Voice.

We recommend you choose Disable voiceso you can quickly beat Bunnelby when going through the bottom or top lines at the start of the match.

Clefable scores
Clefable scores

In Level 4, you will have the choice between Moonlight or Draining Kiss.

We recommend you choose Moonlight, as this heals all allies and yourself in the vicinity. When using Moonlight, it will also increase the user’s movement speed, so when respawn you can use this move to reach your destination faster or even escape with an ally after capturing the target. like Regieleki.

When upgraded, Moonlight’s area will expand and increase its duration. Moonlight has the best overall healing in the game, and you can get over 100,000 heals per game effectively playing Clefable.

At level 4, Clefable can choose either Moonlight or Draining Kiss.
At level 4, Clefable can choose either Moonlight or Draining Kiss.

Obtain level 6then you will have the option between Gravity and Follow Me.

We recommend you choose Gravitation because Clefable creates an area that slows the enemy’s movement speed. This area both changes and increases the damage of Clefable’s basic attack. More importantly, this area of ​​effect will completely nullify and block the moves of enemy Pokémon that need to use movement. This completely turns off Pokémon like Talonflame, Absol, Scizor, and Buzzwole, which are known to have motion-based sets of moves. This zone of influence even makes it impossible for your opponent to use the Eject Button.

When upgraded, Gravity’s area of ​​effect will be larger and increase the duration of these effects. Gravity can shut down an entire team by moving and nullifying its moves. Pokémon that rely on moves to glide or escape will be abrupt. It’s an extremely powerful support move, and combining it with Moonlight will allow your team to survive to use Gravity’s negative effects to win team skirmishes.

Finally, Clefable will learn its Unite Move at Grade 8–Miracle wish.

Clefable heals herself and nearby allies. After that, Clefable is granted an extra random move that can be used for the next 10 seconds. Some of these moves will be used immediately.

These seven moves are:

  • Splash, has Clefable jumping around like Magikarp and refunds 90% of your Unite moves.
  • Blocks, creates a movable shield similar to Snorlax’s Block to push enemies away that will sometimes stun.
  • Fly, allowing Clefable to soar into the air like Talonflame and then dash into a designated location.
  • Hydro Pump, shoots a powerful stream of water to push enemies away like Blastoise.
  • Close Combat, in which Clefable performs a series of healing punches like Lucario.
  • Hyper Beam, fires a beam similar to Dragonite that hits all enemies in a straight line.
  • The explosion will deal massive damage in the area, damaging Clefable itself just like the Electrode. This is potentially self-defeating.

Wonder Wish adds additional healing depending on the remaining HP of the Pokémon in the vicinity. Using it when the Pokémon is in low health will increase its recovery efforts.

Clefable uses Moonlight to heal allies.
Clefable uses Moonlight to heal allies.

When using additional moves, try to use them to their full potential. Use Block to push enemies away from the target of protection. Use attacks like Close Combat, Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, and Fly to hit as many enemy Pokémon as you can.

Clefable’s Evolution Line

Clefables are placed at the end of a two-stage evolution – that is, in Pokémon Unite, they start the match as Clefairy.

Clefairy will evolve into Clefable at Level 4.

In addition to the main stats that increase with evolution, at Level 5 and Level 9, Clefable will receive a 5% cooldown reduction respectively. Leveling up to Level 9 reduces Clefable’s total cooldown while moving by 10%, so it can use Moonlight along with Gravity often to aid allies.

Clefable's Evolution Line.
Clefable’s Evolution Line.

The best organized items

When deciding to choose an Item to be kept in a Pokémon Unite, you need to consider items that will increase a Pokémon’s strengths to cover its weaknesses. Clefable is a Supporter and a super weak one at that. The best kept items for Clefable are Focus range, Expired Repostand wise glasses.

The Focus Band rewards Clefable with additional defense, a special defense, and allows them to heal themselves after their HP decreases. The Focus Band helps break down Clefable’s low base HP and give them more survivability.

Expiring Share will increase the experience that allies in the vicinity gain for defeating wild Pokémon. This will also allow Clefable to gain extra experience every second if they have the least exp on the team. In addition to these buffs, Exp. Sharing also increases movement speed and adds additional HP. This will benefit Clefable by running towards allies faster to heal them and get them out of trouble.

Wise Glasses increases special attack. How the healing process in Pokémon Unite works depends on the Pokémon’s special attack stats. Wise Glasses will enhance Moonlight’s healing effect, so you can amazingly heal during the match.

The best kept items for Clefable and the stats they increase.
The best kept items for Clefable and the stats they increase.

Best fighting item

It is best to choose X Speed ​​for Clefable’s Battle Item. X Speed ​​will allow Clefable to reach targets and allies faster. Speeding towards allies to heal can save their lives a lot. As a Support, if you can save any teammate from being knocked out or even turn the tide of an ongoing skirmish, it’s a must to win the match.

X speed prevents Clefables from getting off obstacles, so they can also get away from enemies more easily. Good luck with Clefable!

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