Review of Hyper Demon: FPS with real bullets

You all know what a palantír correct?

For those not as well versed in JRR Tolkien’s works as in Peter Jackson’s films, it’s one of those macabre, indestructible crystal balls scattered across the permissive world of Middle-earth. Eye of Sauron warp the mind of any Took unlucky fool (*a cough* Pippin *a cough*) is unfortunate enough to steal a peek into its murky depths.

Playing Super Devil‘s newest first-person shooter game Devil Daggers developer Sorath, it’s like staring at one of them – but instead of mind-melting horror, it has rocket jumps and a leaderboard.

Announced and released on Monday, Super Devil It’s not a sequel to Sorath’s aforementioned 2016 hell shooter, but it still represents an evolution of its core mechanics. In Devil Daggers, the player takes on the role of a mysterious protagonist who, after disturbing a mysterious dagger floating in space, is forced to survive against the waves of hell for as long as possible. With aesthetics and inspired mechanics comparable to 90s arena shooters like Death and Quake, Devil Daggers has grown into a genuine indie hit, earning impressive review scores and sliding across several publications’ lists of the year’s best.

A bullet-eating demonic enemy in Hyper Demon.

Image: Sorath

Now, more than six years after the release of its predecessor, Super Devil has been liberated into the world and, like a Cenobite from hell, it has such sights to show you. While on the surface the two games may appear nearly identical in their execution, it’s only after you’ve thrown yourself into the glove, time and time again, that the difference between the two games becomes clear.

While Devil Daggers is an endless FPS about holding out as long as possible against the onslaught of demons, Super Devil basically a twitch shooter about running fast through hell. At the start of each game, a timer appears at the top of the screen, counting down in seconds. For each demon killed, you earn a gem that, depending on the size of the demon, will add more time to the timer and more points to your final score.

The faster you kill opponents, the faster they spawn; the faster they spawn, the more difficult the game becomes; The higher the difficulty, the higher your score. Conversely, the slower you kill enemies, the slower they spawn and the easier the game becomes, but if the timer drops below zero, you die and have to start over. It’s a different kind of intensity than Devil Daggerssomething that forces you not only to focus on the massive mass of monstrous objects in front of you, but to consider every second as if it were life or death.

Screenshot of a demon attacking a player in Hyper Demon.

Image: Sorath

That doesn’t even delve into the reality of what you really are do in the game. At first glance, Super Devil can look like a simple twitch-based FPS, and the range of possibilities that grow out of those humble elements is impressive. You move and fire, switching between rapid-fire streams and clusters of mid- to mid-range pistols as you take down dozens of layers of writhing bullets of this particular circle of hell.

The important thing is that you can dash as well, which gives more maneuverability in the form of aerial dashes, double jumps and most importantly dodging. Picking up some gems will give the player a laser sniper shot that, if aimed correctly, will shoot off the floor and deal damage to multiple enemies at once. There are countless tactics to choose from, from throwable bombs and shields to collectible “super moves” like gunfire and laser storms. Fast and frantic gameplay like Devil Daggersbut there’s more complexity from time to time – all the more satisfying and playable.

However, all of that is perfunctory in the face of Super DevilThe most distinctive aspect: the image. While the art style of Devil Daggers can roughly be summed up as a throwback to the shooters of the 90s, Super Devil both that and… something completely different. As the action on the screen escalates, the game’s presentation gradually transforms into a floating, fish-eye lens view that curves the corners of the screen into a 180-degree sphere. The effect is nothing short of psychedelic; a prismatic animation of whimpers and piercing lasers creates the sensation of gazing into space the equivalent of the stargate sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

With every timed dodge and dash, small and curvy streaks of light crisscross the screen, as if I’m almost skimming the edge of a black hole, less than a hair away from being sucked across its event horizon. . Every successful kill, every second of victory makes you excited. And that’s not even referring to the game’s final boss encounter. Yes – there is an “end” for Super demon. But whether you live long enough will depend entirely on your intelligence, reaction speed, and ability to withstand the stinging punishments on your retina.

As game debt can be the bones and essentials of Devil Daggers, Super Devil really looks and plays like nothing else I’ve come across in 2022. In a year there’s been no shortage of sensational shooters like White neon and Metal: Hellsinger, Super Devil reign supreme as an excellent bullet hell shooter.

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