The best games to buy in 2021

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Well, Gamers, it’s that time of year again – the time of the Steam Winter Sale, the more casual and less gambling seasonal sale with each passing year (for better and worse). ). 2021 is going to be a pretty great, though weird, year for video games, so I wanted to include that weird, messy energy in my year-end proposals. Without further ado, here are some games to check out as part of Steam’s Big Winter Sale:

The Artifier fired a powerful beam of energy at the two guardian bugs, while a wave of oil spilled over his head.

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Risk of rain 2

Risk of rain 2 is one of the video games with the most video games ever. In it, you are one of almost a dozen little guys and you run around defeating enemies and collecting items to make yourself stronger. There are many enemies, and many other items. You’ll become a transcendent aspect of Death, you’ll kill the King of Nothing, you’ll get crushed by a planet over and over again until it’s almost impossible for you to find a way out. Easily one of the best roguelites of the past few years, the game is about to receive its first expansion in early 2022 so now is the perfect time to start.

Sol Badguy delivers a brutal uppercut to Axl in the middle of the jungle.

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Guilty Gear Strive

The signature fighting game of 2021, and my great introduction to the genre, is on sale for 30% off. Striving manages to be the perfect intro to a popular hostile genre through its relatively simple combo structure and difficulty tier, along with a plethora of system mechanics that allow experienced players to than drawing more depth from experience.

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Generation Umurangi + Macro

is a great photography sim with amazing depth. It’s also one of the best pieces of cyberpunk fiction in the genre’s history – charting the fall of a city in the face of UN mismanagement, the climate crisis, and kaiju. Macro, the game’s first and only DLC, builds on this with a surprisingly beautiful and hopeful ending. The Umurangi generation manages to capture the realities of life through the early 2020s through the incredible act of taking a self-portrait online and you’d be a fool to ignore it.

The protagonist of Heaven's Vault says that she found a crater, in a tree, while a man was watching.

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Heaven’s Vault

Developed by 80 days studio and developer of narrative design tools, Inkle, Heaven’s Vault is an archeology game about language. The game’s unique narrative structure, excellent writing, and linguistically based puzzle design solidify it as a modern cult classic. In fact, the game’s story is strong enough to earn it not one but two novels that were released a few months ago.

A wrecker cuts off a ship's wing, while a rescue bay awaits --- as wide as the eyes.

Screenshots: Blackbird Interactive

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Hardspace Shipbreaker is a game about space capitalism and a great game about it. You play as a shipbreaker, a highly skilled and underpaid specialist who spends his days salvaging huge spaceships. The game uses pressure relief, fuel lines, electrical systems, and the terrifying weight of gravity making the game a simultaneously tense and meditative experience unlike anything else. I used to play.

A player with figurines of the board game, while a strangled cat watches from the side.

Screenshots: Dread XP

Dread XP Publisher Pack

Dread XP has become one of my favorite publishers over the past few years, spawning five incredible horror collections contained in Publisher Bundle $24. The Dread X Collection manages to constantly confront players with unique and exciting horror experiences, each horror experience made by a different developer. Spookware, also included in the package, is horror WarioWare and I cannot recommend it enough.

Dozens of massive swords loomed overhead while a glowing portal shone in the distance of a yellow-green wasteland.

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EYE Divine Cybermancy

EYE Divine Cybermancy is a deeply eerie video game. You play as a cybernetic-enhanced member of a strange faith order known as the EYE, who commits a lot of violence through some of the party’s most ambitious role-playing simulations. Deus Ex. In the end, you’ll go from stealthy incursions and intense gunfights to bunnies jumping across battlefields with enough speed to test the sound barrier, detonating enemies from afar with massive psychic powers. your horror. It’s a weird, messy thing that everyone should try at least once.

A large Battlemech stands on top of a ridge, as hills jut out below.

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Battletech + DLC

Battletech is one of the best strategy games of the last five years and it didn’t get enough love when it was originally released in 2019. The game sees you at the head of a company of soldiers. New hires, try to find your place in a brutal galactic conflict—all while managing your meager funds, mech maintenance costs, and pilot salaries. Battletech manages to push the fine line between tactical depth and complexity for the sake of complexity, and includes some really cool mech customizations that facilitate some really quirky builds.

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Monster ship

Yes, yes, roguelike-like deck players are all too common at this point, but…Monster ship is a real standout with its tower-defensive combat and great build variety. You play as the commander of a train that is trying to reach the heart of Hell, which has been frozen after the most recent attack of heaven. To do this, you will combine multiple factions of powerful demons, each with their own unique strategy and mechanics. It’s a great little game that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

A young woman with a deep scar was talking to a young man with porcelain skin, who looked embarrassed and scared.

Screenshots: Novectacle

House in Fata Morgana

House in Fata Morgana It’s an excellent visual novel with some of the best narrative I’ve seen in any medium. In it, you play as an anonymous protagonist who moves through the history of a palatial castle, each story revealing more of its past and your own. The game manages to be conceptually engaging, thematically resonant, and engaging with humans at every turn — and it’s easily one of my favorite stories of all. electronic.


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