The Future of Public Finance According to Cointelegraph

Crypto Assets for Liquid Democracy: The Future of Public Finance

Power has historically shifted from government to the people. Democracy is the product of revolution and groundbreaking innovation by those who abhor the elitism of the aristocracy and monarchy, who fear theocratic monopoly, and who saw the impossibility of communism. More than ever, governments represent more equitable and unreliable social contracts. How do we unite the principle of law with “law is law” and can we have both?

When we see the unstoppable power of decentralization, we must acknowledge the following: mass communication, transcontinental travel, cultural diffusion, internet diffusion, pro-democracy movement and the emergence of gig economies.

Luke Kim, from Tokyo and Seoul, is the co-founder of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, co-inventor of two blockchain-based public finance models in partnership with the US mayor’s office, Partner at Truth Cartel and co-founder of Startup Grind Berkeley . He is an investor and advisor to change-makers in the Web3.